Car fuse switch made specially for SAAB 9-3 (03 - 11) that suffers of quite a common error with locking the steering wheel
while you are not able to move the key in the ignition. STEERING LOCK MALFUNCTION appears on the screen and your car
will not start. Replace the fuse number 2(5A) in the cabin fuse box with the bypass. The cable can be wired though the dashboard
and the button placed above the pedals. You can lean it on the bottom part of the dashboard or drill a small 2 cm hole
under the steering wheel and instal the button into it. Than when the problem occurs, you just switch the button off and on
and you are ready to start your car. 
NOTE: first be sure that reentering the fuse number 2 solves your problem. 
- voltage: 12 V
- fuse current: 5A
- cable lenght: 30 cm
- mini car fuse
- crimped contacts
- well isolated 
- black switch (button)